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Beside Brittany

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Brittany Passalacqua
June 30, 1997 - Novemeber 20, 2009

Helen Buchel 
June 13, 1975 - Novemeber 20, 2009

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Beside Brittany

Written by Jessica Cassick
Illustrated by Judy Elizabeth Wilson

ImagineWe, LLC's June  book release is a children's story about the life of  a young and beautiful girl named Brittany. Written and illustrated to  shine light and attention on the beauty and amazement that was Brittany's life.

Young Brittany lost her life trying to save her mother from a terribly violent offender. 

About Brittany's Law
Brittany's death brought forth a Domestic Violence Prevention Act called Brittany's Law that is being brought through congress. The number of lives that this Law could save is unlimited!

Brittany's Law is a Domestic Violence Prevention bill that has been passed in the Senate overwhelmingly for six (6) years straight, yet continues to stall in the Corrections Committee led by Assemblyman Daniel O'Donnell.  It is  sponsored by Congressman Tom Reed and Cathy Young.

Brittany's Law

To read more about Brittany's Law, please visit this link:

To learn more about the Brittany's Law bills, please visit the following links:

Brittany's Law was given a boost by the  New York State Sheriff's Association. Check out this link:

BILL   S1107
BILL  A404
NYSSA's Article

Let the senate and especially the  Assembly know that we as a community and nation need to be able to inform ourselves and protect ourselves against violent offenders as early as yesterday! We have the power to save our own lives as well as our  families and friends  if we are informed.  Knowledge is  power!

Write to : Attn:   Assemblyman David Weprin 
 Albany Office
LOB 526
Albany, NY 12248
Or call: 518-455-5806​