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Publishing company specializing in children's books and
bringing real world imagination to life. 

Jessica Cassick
Lockport, United States

ImagineWe, LLC is a newly established publishing company that specializes in children's books. Many of our books spotlight children living unique lives, like Nolan in our book "We Heart Nolan", or a cause that needs to be advocated for, like Brittany's Law. We bring new perspectives & stories that will let your children learn, imagine & dream with us. Our mission is to educate students & children to initiate creativity & inspire a healthy change movement in a positive & progressive manner.

My name is Jessica Cassick and I am the CEO & founder of ImagineWe, LLC. I am so excited to introduce you to this campaign. It is very near and dear to my heart. ImagineWe, LLC is a company that came to me in one of my very first classes of my Master's program at Buffalo State. When I had the idea, I was almost knocked out of my chair, and I couldn't wait to move forward...
no really...I couldn't wait!

Within three weeks, I returned to my class to announce to my professor, Dr. Roger Firestien, exactly how productive I had been since our last class. I chose a name, wrote the business plan, chose a foundation, filed all paperwork, finished the website, created all social media accounts, secured a company office, wrote the first three books to be released, sent the first into illustration phase AND my announcement was even complete with handing him a company business card and showing that I even made sure it was mentioned in the write up portion of my Channel 7 news interview, as a part of an event I did with the owner of ART247, in Lockport, NY. 

But who was I before this monumental discovery?
Five years ago, I was stuck in a relationship that was terminal. This relationship ripped through my mind and locked shackles on my future. I was a victim of Domestic Violence and for 99% of that relationship, I couldn't see a way out...until I gave birth to my son and it was like he yanked the rose colored glasses from my face and put my real prescription back. When I had my son, everything became clear, and I would go down fighting to protect him, and my ex would be taken away in handcuffs.

Flash forward a little and I went back to school and I met an amazing professor who told me she could see me. She told me I was important and it was like she gave me the heimlich maneuver, because I was choking on my self-confidence and PTSD. We'll call her my confidence crash cart and she sent me on my way, enlightened and determined. I graduated from Niagara County Community College and transferred to a four-year college, Buffalo State. After changing majors two more times, I settled into the Individualized Studies program under Dr. Roswell Park, and chose my theme: "Women & Gender Business Communication." He told me, during our first meeting, that I was accepted before I even had a chance to apply. This felt amazing. 

At Buffalo State, I fell in love with 99% of my professors and my work at WBNY, as Director of Public Affairs as well as an additional role as Director of Underwriting paved the way for me to accomplish more in the Domestic Violence field where I created the Week of the Warriors. This event, in the first year brought so much information and news to the forefront in the Domestic Violence field and we talked about this issue 24/7 for a week DURING SPRING BREAK! LIVE ON AIR!

I graduated from Buffalo State, one semester ahead of schedule, but I was not done! I entered the Creative Studies master's degree program where my mind was blown YET AGAIN! So I set my sights on success and I marched forward!

What is ImagineWe, LLC?
ImagineWe, LLC is a publishing company specializing in children's books, imagination and teaching children how to make their dreams come true. Our main purpose is to publish books electronically and/or in printed form while creating a solid foundation so that we may conduct workshops with students, pre-k through grade 5, using Creative Problem Solving(CPS) techniques to facilitate a classroom, or group of individuals, who will be creating a story or book while walking through the creation process. The story or book will then be transferred, created, edited, and formatted by Imagine We, LLC into an electronic and/or paper printed book.

Our mission is to devote ourselves to educating students and children to initiate creativity and inspire a healthy change movement in a positive and progressive manner.

If children are published authors starting at a young age, and are groomed to understand that anything is possible if you want it and work hard enough, the next generations can begin transforming into children and then adults who work hard and make the life they want, a solid option for them; beginning with continuing their education as far as they can take it.

What We Need & What You Get
To successfully complete our first year as a publishing company we need many supporters and funds to do so. Much of the hard labor is already done, but each book costs the company about $650.00 from the beginning idea to shipment. We have arranged for 12 books to be released in 2017, as well as bringing in many new illustrators and 4 authors in total. 

We have set our goal at $5000.00 because it will give us a much needed head start and the rest will be made up and recovered with sales, vendor events, book subscriptions, and getting them into bookstores, cafes, etc...

"Because those who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are usually the ones who do." -Steve Job

The Impact
This project contains a type of value that is hard to explain sufficiently. Your contribution has a value that means the world to this company, and we would be no where without you! In the last four months I have made the news three different times. I am indeed very proud of the change and impact I have made in the world thus far, but I am not done. 

ImagineWe, LLC made it onto the News 4 @ 4! 

And less then a month later we made it to the front cover of our local newspaper. Lockport Sun & Journal, where we were a feature article!

Risks & Challenges
Some of the risks that could possibly stand in our way are deadlines not being able to be met. This happened with our first book, so we rescheduled the release and it came out perfect. All of our books WILL be released, but if it is not on the specific day we initially planned, this is a small challenge that we will overcome. I have what it takes to face these challenges because I already did it, and as it sits right now, our second book is on schedule, as well as the books that follow. Challenge averted.

Another challenge we face, is getting into bookstores, cafes, etc... I am working toward not needing to being these establishments, but merely wanting to be there. Once our foundation is stronger, I believe stores will have no problem bringing ImagineWe books to their shelves, but until then, I will continue to move forward, as I created our book subscription to get around this. Challenge averted!

Other Ways You Can Help
If you cannot contribute funds, one of the big things we need right now is help to get the word out and make some noise about our campaign. IndieGoGo has so many share tools, and we would so very much appreciate a share or two!

Thank you kindly!