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ATTENTION: ImagineWe, LLC strives make our events full of entertainment, diversity, and novel ideas. There has been discussion about hosting venue events quartly and more. Because of this new transition and frequency of events we now offer a:
to our vendors. This means that they will be contacted first when an event is being planned, and have first dibs on vendor spots. Many vendors can only have one consultant from their company at an event, this LIST offers them first choice at our events and provides security to our vendors. See below to join the list in the optional "Step 2." Only our First Contact List can and will provide vendors with first dibs security. Otherwise, you will just go on a first come, first serve mass vendor basis list.

***Any questions can be sent to

Catagory Form:

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6. Handmade creations​​

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Note: If a vendor from your company has already enrolled in this list, your payment will be immediantly refunded.

If you would like to be added to the FIRST CONTACT LIST,
please add the best contact info to reach you in the box
and hit "Pay Now" to check out.

ONLY  $15.00