Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.
                                                             -Steve Jobs
Jessica Cassick
Founder of ImagineWe, LLC

My name is Jessica Cassick and I am the President and CEO of ImagineWe, LLC!  Here's a little about my backstory!

During my studies in the Creative Studies Graduate Program at Buffalo State, I decided to follow a feeling I was having about my future. You see, life is made up of a series of puzzles. You have all the pieces there before you, but learning the necessary skills to strategize and place them correctly, is always the part that most people struggle with.  I identified said pieces and had them in the general vicinity to their true location, but it wasn't until a conversation with a close friend one day, that I suddenly realized it was confidence that could put this puzzle together. And just like that...
...went the puzzle into place. I started to read it. It said that there was an idea emerging and that it would begin with a very old idea I had been coming back to for almost 20 years!  It said I needed to trust myself and that everything that was meant to be, would come to pass. So I sat down, and wrote and wrote, and did a bunch of research and filed some stuff and the picture became so much more clear...
Thus, our first published book, "Skipping Stones" was born. It is currently available for purchase! From there, we hope to do workshops, parties, and in-class projects with classes ranging from Pre-K through grade 6 working with them to facilitate a creative story that will then be published with THEM as the AUTHORS!


It is time to give our future generations a voice. It is time that we teach them to believe in themselves because...

if they can not believe in themselves......ImagineWe will!