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Fundraising with ImagineWe

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Beginning this summer...

Our Philanthropic Literature program launches!

Philanthropic Literature

ImagineWe will begin extending our Wholesale Inventory Discount (WID) to charity organizations to help them fundraise for their mission and purpose!

What is our WID?

Our Wholesale Inventory Discount (WID) is a discount applicable only to retailers, bookstores, organizations, and foundations. This discount is valid on all orders of 50 or more books for your organization and will take 35% off of your order.

How does it work?

We understand that fundraising your unique mission can be difficult to do with so many various ways to raise funds. You can now add the ImagineWe, LLC books to your annual fundraising efforts.

Our books have a mission as well, and they teach children about all types of lessons. Some of these lessons are learning to love yourself, grieving a grandparent, many different awareness topics, imagination and so many more. Check out our online store to learn about the titles we have to offer. Choose the titles that you would like to order, and contact us below to create your order.

What if you wanted to invite the author to your event?

Fundraising with our books does more than help your organization. It helps ImagineWe, LLC to spread the amazing literature we have to offer to more children, and it supports the authors of the titles that you are choosing. Our authors are a part of our community, and they have a story to share with your organization. Many times, an organization will purchase our products to fundraise at their events. To make it even more meaningful, we can also reach out to the author if your organization is interested, to share an invitation with them for your event. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us below.