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written by Jessica Cassick
illustrated by Donald Jackson

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To kick off our FIRST release in the Typically Untypical & Extraordinary book series brought to you by ImagineWe, LLC, we bring you the first book to start them all. 

Many of you know him as Nolan, but so many know him as their son, grandson, nephew, and loved one. We Heart Nolan, the children's book, will be being released February 1st!

Happy Birthday Laura!
I want to share with you all how so very excited I am to be able to do this for Nolan and his family. We have watched him grow, we have shed tears as things went shaky, but above it all, he is the strongest little boy I know!

A portion of the proceeds for this book will go back to Nolan as a courtesy for being our first spotlight child of 2017, and not only that but our very FIRST spotlight child of them all. What an honor it is to be working towards something that is going to benefit him in ways i can't express efficiently.

Thank you for your time! 
Have a great day!