written by Jessica Cassick
illustrated by Donald Jackson

Nolan and his family are a family of laughs and smiles and living in a mythical world of wondrous imagination. When Nolan falls sick and needs a new heart, the world begins to push and pull and move in his favor. Find out how Nolan receives his new heart in this book!

ImagineWe, LLC's FIRST release of the
Typically Untypical & Extraordinary book series.

Many of you know him as Nolan,

but so many know him as their
son, grandson, nephew, and loved one.

A portion of the proceeds from this book

will go back to Nolan as a courtesy
for being our first spotlight child of 2017,
and not only that but our
very FIRST spotlight child of them all.
What an honor it is to be working towards
something that is going to benefit
him in ways I can't express.